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Fruit Serum

This jellified textured serum is enriched of five (5) natural source botanical extracts. The power of this fruity complex is to stimulate cell regeneration. It literally boosts your metabolism. It magnifies the moisturizing power of any daily cream care. The skin is revitalized and reflects a radiant complexion. The primary property of Fruit Serum is to stimulate cell regeneration to immediately boost your metabolism.

Volume 15 ml
Skin Type Normal, Dehydrated skins and/or pigment spots


On clean skin, mornings and/or evenings, apply on face, neck and eye contour. Allow penetrating with gentle effleurage. Finish your care with the appropriate skin’s specific cream.

NOTICE:Never combine Fruit Serum with KATRINE MARSO’s Night Cream. Therefore, if you use KATRINE MARSO’s Night Cream, we recommend applying Fruit Serum ONLY in the morning.