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Katrine Marso, a symbol of excellence and refinement in skincare, combines scientific expertise and the art of beauty to offer exceptional products to women and men worldwide. Inspired by the richness and diversity of nature, Katrine Marso is synonymous with innovation, superior quality, and unparalleled performance.

Fougère de Montpellier

The village of Montpellier, Quebec, is at the heart of our brand image, embodying the very essence of elegance and prestige that characterize Katrine Marso. This enchanting place, nestled within the idyllic landscapes of Quebec, reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusion while celebrating our Canadian heritage 


Using natural ingredients and scientifically proven formulas, Katrine Marso offers an exquisite and effective skincare experience to reveal radiant, healthy, and beautiful skin. Our products are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of each skin type while preserving the environment and promoting sustainability.

Katrine Marso caters to those who aspire to elegance and excellence in their skincare. By adopting this identity, we commit to providing luxurious and sustainable beauty solutions, celebrating self-confidence and personal expression.

A Canadian Heritage

 Katrine Marso embodies the very essence of Canadian heritage, forging deep and emotional connections with the richness of its nature, culture, and traditions. Katrine Marso draws inspiration from the soul of Canada, its breathtaking landscapes, and deeply rooted values, creating a sincere and authentic connection with our cherished heritage.

Fluide Matifiant Ingredients

We embrace the active lifestyle and passions of Canadians, be it hockey, skiing, hiking, canoeing, or skating. Each season brings its share of adventures and discoveries, celebrating the resilience and adaptability of our nation in the face of challenges and joys offered by our country. These shared experiences strengthen our sense of belonging and love for our homeland.

Katrine Marso aims to be a true reflection of the essence of Canada, with its grandiose landscapes, deep values, and rich cultural diversity, touching the hearts and souls of those who recognize themselves in this identity. By committing to preserving and promoting this precious heritage, we create an unbreakable bond between our brand and Canadian identity.

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