FRequently asked questions

Our products contain synthetic fragrances. We have chosen this option to ensure consistent olfactory coherence across our products.

Our bottles and boxes are fully recyclable. However, the fabric used in some of our black boxes is not recyclable. We are currently exploring more sustainable alternatives to replace this component.

We offer a diverse range of products suitable for different skin types and age groups. It is important to choose products that best meet the specific needs of your skin.

We recommend using our products within one year of opening to ensure their effectiveness.

We offer several options for skincare consultations: customers can fill out our online questionnaire, contact us via email, or consult with one of our certified estheticians, Katrine Marso, in their region.

We recommend following our morning and evening routines, which guide you on the application sequence of our products, application techniques, and recommended amount.

Absolutely! Our products are formulated to be safe for pregnant women.

Yes, our products can be applied to scars. We also have a specific range designed for sensitive skin to help soothe redness, inflammation, or sensitivity.

We recommend storing our products away from direct sunlight, in an environment with a temperature ranging from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Our products are available for purchase through our certified estheticians, Katrine Marso. They can also provide personalized advice as they are well-positioned to analyze your skin.

We manufacture all our products in a laboratory, and their safety and efficacy are then confirmed through testing conducted by an independent laboratory.

No, there are no known allergens. Our products are formulated without gluten, nuts, and dairy to minimize the risk of allergies. However, we always recommend that our customers check the ingredient list before use.

What is the recommended age to start using your skincare products?

We recommend initiating a skincare routine from adolescence onwards to prevent and address skin issues that may start developing at this age.

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