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Isabelle Blanchard is a Canadian luminary and entrepreneur with an unyielding belief in the marriage of science and everyday habits as a conduit to a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle. A steadfast advocate for integrating mind and body wellness into every facet of life, Isabelle channels her unwavering conviction into creating products that not only adorn but also nourish and rejuvenate. A testament to her tenacity, the Katrine Marso brand encapsulates her vision for a world where beauty and well-being go hand in hand, sculpting a healthier, more radiant future.

CEO of Katrine Marso

At Katrine Marso, our mission is to provide innovative and natural skincare, inspired by the beauty and richness of the Canadian heritage, to enhance the beauty and well-being of each individual. We are determined to create high-performing and ethical products that are respectful of the environment, animals, and communities with which we interact.

Our commitment is to support and accompany each family in their pursuit of authentic beauty and health, by honoring the values that unite us and celebrating the diversity of needs and aspirations of our clients.

Our approach to beauty is rooted in scientific innovation. We understand that true beauty goes beyond skin deep, and so does our science.

Our research and development team is tirelessly dedicated to exploring the complex biology of the skin, uncovering its intrinsic mechanisms, and studying how various ingredients can optimize its health and appearance. We delve into the intricacies of skincare, employing advanced scientific methods to formulate products that respect the natural balance of the skin while delivering potent, targeted benefits.

We marry this understanding of skin biology with our in-depth knowledge of botanical science. Canada's rich biodiversity provides a treasure trove of natural ingredients, each with unique properties that we harness through a blend of traditional wisdom and cutting-edge extraction techniques.

Signature Care

Our meticulous facial treatments combine cutting-edge techniques with effective ingredients, treating the deeper layers of the skin with exceptionally concentrated products. As a leader in professional cosmetics, we deliver visible and long-lasting results from the very first application. Our signature care products embody our commitment, by offering an avant-garde approach to skincare that gently yet powerfully revitalizes the skin.

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an adn of nature and science

Katrine Marso's dermatological laboratory is more than just a place of creation - it's the beating heart of our brand, the place where science, innovation, and commitment meet to give birth to exceptional skincare products.

With 20 years of research and development, our laboratory is a reflection of our relentless quest for excellence. Each product that comes out of our labs is the fruit of numerous tests and countless hours of hard work from our dedicated chemists and researchers. The effectiveness of our products is not a mere coincidence, but the result of a deep understanding of active ingredients, their origin, and their impact on the skin.

A synergy of traditions and innovations

Beyond the individual performance of each product, our dermatological laboratory ensures that our products work in synergy. We firmly believe that skincare is not limited to a single product, but a complete routine, where each element works in harmony to meet the specific needs of each person.

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Our laboratory is unique in its kind, as we value open-mindedness and consideration of current reality. When formulating our products, we consider every aspect, from individual sensory issues to the environmental impact of our ingredients. Nothing is left to chance. Each product is a testament to our knowledge, our know-how, and our way of being.

Katrine Marso's dermatological laboratory is more than a place, it's the embodiment of our commitment to excellence, innovation, and respect for our values. This is where science meets nature, innovation meets tradition, and we create products that are not only effective but also in line with our vision of a healthier, more respectful, and more beautiful world.

Gel Microfoliant 

Concious formula


Crème Suprême

Our approach to beauty is holistic, transcending conventional cosmetic solutions to embrace a wider perspective that includes body, mind, and spirit. We believe that every individual is unique and carries an intrinsic beauty that our products should celebrate and enhance, not mask or transform. This philosophy drives us to create cosmetics that empower individuals to express their authentic selves and cultivate a lifestyle that nurtures inner radiance and well-being. 

"I've always held a deep conviction that beauty extends beyond mere appearances. It is a harmonious blend of physical well-being, authenticity, and our symbiotic relationship with nature. Our skin is our largest organ, a mirror that reflects our overall health and the lifestyle choices we make. A radiant complexion is not achieved by layering numerous products, but by nurturing our body with a balanced diet, sufficient hydration, and mindful self-care. Remember, beauty is not a mask to hide behind, but a journey of self-love and acceptance. We, at Katrine Marso, are not simply crafting skincare solutions; we're fostering a mindful lifestyle that celebrates the unique beauty in each one of us." 

- Isabelle Blanchard

Isabelle Blanchard
Mother of three children

Isabelle Blanchard, the dynamic leader of Katrine Marso, is not just a CEO but also a loving mother to three children. Each of her children – her two sons and her daughter – have grown up immersed in the ethos of the brand, embodying its principles in their own unique ways.

Her two elder sons, are pivotal in the expansion and evolution of Katrine Marso. They are actively involved in multiple facets of the business, from product development and marketing, to the cultivation of key partnerships and customer relationships. Their vibrant energy and fresh perspectives are instrumental in shaping the brand's identity and direction.

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Her youngest, a budding gymnast, is the vibrant spirit of the family. Her dedication to her sport echoes Katrine Marso's emphasis on discipline, balance, and well-being. Though not officially part of the business yet, her journey is a constant reminder of the values that the brand espouses.

For Isabelle, family and business are deeply intertwined, each enriching the other. Her children's active involvement in the business is a testament to the brand's authenticity and family-oriented values. Together, they're not only growing a brand; they're nurturing a legacy that embodies their shared commitment to beauty, wellness, and a balanced lifestyle.

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